Resort Sponsorship

Resorts have the opportunity to purchase a standard booth space at any of our events. Booth sizes and prices are listed to the right. Opportunities at Fresno, San Francisco, Reno, Sacramento, and Phoenix.

How to get a free booth

If your resort would like to participate in ticket sales and/or giveaways and door prizes, your 10’ x 10’ booth space will be complimentary. These tickets are generally mid-week. Restricted tickets with blackout dates of the resorts choosing. We request you have enough tickets and prizes to last through the 2-3 day events.


* Last day for Early Bird Pricing, August, 15th
Booth SizeEarly BirdStandard
10’ x 10’$1,500$2,500
10’ x 20’$2,500$4,500
20’ x 20’$4,000$7,500
Multi show exhibitors, take off an additional 15% as well.

Blasts & Inclusions


Booth Opportunities

Reach thousands of customers at our ski and snowboard gear sales. 15% discount for multi-show exhibitors. Early bird pricing ends August 15. All booth availability is location dependent.

15% off for multi-show exhibitors!


10 x 10 ft


10 x 20 ft


20 x 20 ft